The discontinued Korg Opsix is a wonderful synth. However, it suffers from having a keyboard that not only takes too much space, but is remarkably crappy. Any external keyboard would be way better, especially if it’s an isomorphic one (and I happen to have a couple Launchpads).

Luckily, it can be upgraded to a desktop module in a non-destructive way! And that’s exactly what I’m working on. A couple months of experiments, and then I’ll be able to make custom chop6 enclosures for the Opsix/Wavestate/Modwave trio. After figuring out production, I’ll have to figure out pricing and shipping… and then I can start making people happy.

Just received a new back panel (the rest of the enclosure will be wooden). Gotta move a couple holes a bit, but very happy with it overall.


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